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Ayla Kebab maker machine which is called automatic kebab machine also is a very easy working kebab machine. The first kebab produced by kabob maker is identical with the last one.

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Ayla Kebab Maker

1. Ayla kebab maker description:

Adana and Urfa kebab machine made it easier for those who love kebab without the need for electricity. With this machine, you can easily and everywhere professionally make minced meat kebab, which is difficult to attach minces meat to skewer, regardless of what kind of meat is used lamb, chicken or ground meat.

2. Ayla kebab maker Features:

– Size: 11x27x30 cm
– Weight: 1.4 kg
– Body Material: Aluminum
– Handle Material: Aluminum

Detailed information about Ayla Kebab Machine
Ayla Kebab Machine is a tool that you can make kebab professionally at home and during picnic. Anything you desire to blend the meat (sheep, hamburger, chicken, turkey, ostrich, camel, and duck or …).

The weight of the kebab should be around 100 grams to avoid falling minced meat from skewer. You can purchase the tool from our web site via internet or contact directly our factory.

The kebab machine is guaranteed for 12 months.
One of the most important features of the Ayla Kebab Machine is to ensure the tenacity of the meat on the skewer without the need of additive such as baking soda, egg and flour. When you add these additives to meat for making it sticky, it reduces the taste nature of the kebab. You will get the original kebab taste with the Ayla kebab machine.

The other feature of Ayla Kebab is that it is made of metal, produced with Die Casting technology and the machine does not smell after use because refrigerator bag is need to avoid contact with metal, also all parts are washable. You will get a healthy kebab taste with Ayla Kebab machine.

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Home Kebab Maker

Home Kebab Maker can shape the kebab like Traditional hand shape kebab

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