Ayla kebab

About Ayla Kebab maker

On this page you will find information about Ayla Kebab maker. It Apparatus set up in 2013 to create commercial kitchen apparatus and quickened its exercises by year of 2017 to set up a industrial kitchen apparatus frameworks and create a arrangements. The Company machinery was taken quick steps towards for getting to be a worldwide brand that succeeded in a short-term, as well as spread Turkey’s distinction for kebab machines in industrial kitchen segment all through the world.

AYLA KEBAB Co. apparatus produces the inventive frameworks and arrangements with well understanding of clients desires, offers the most noteworthy quality and boundless benefit attitude, and the standards of sup-portability & coherence with coordinate deals and proficient approach embraced as a rule of consistent client fulfillment. Taking after a client centered trade procedure, AYLA  apparatus offers exact and quick arrangements to client requests and desires with its master deals group, solid organizational aptitudes and strong coordination foundation.

Ayla Kebab maker Mission

The products frameworks and arrangements in industrial kitchen segment; in compliance with universal item measures, at a level assembly the client desires and with a customer-focused approach, has labor and employments innovation ideally in this respect to supply proficient and beneficial administrations based on cutting-edge innovation and by giving significance to inquire about and improvement activities.

Ayla Kebab maker Vision

The products and frameworks arrangements in industrial kitchen sector; which may be a pioneer with its qualification, environmental-friendly, viable with mechanical breakthroughs and customer-oriented with tall quality level, is to be a driving brand within the industry.

Corporate Values

Customer comes first is the first priority for us:

  • We treat our customers as we want to be treated.
  • Our customer is always in top of our minds.
  • We continuously monitor our customers’ satisfaction.
  • We adapt to changes, and benefit from the experience and knowledge.

We act quickly:

  • We do not postpone or delay in decision making.
  • We rapidly adapt to market realities.
  • We develop new methods to improve our effectiveness in the national and international market.
  • We evaluate the opportunities.
  • We rapidly identify our deficiencies and take action.

We keep our promise:

  • We provide our customers the best products and services with the best conditions of understanding quality products and quality service.
  • We act consistently about what we say & what we do and keep our promises.
  • The focus of in all our activities is mutual satisfaction.
  • We comply with deadlines and achieve our objectives.

We reward success:

  • Services and applications and assume the role of leadership in continuing development principles.
  • We take a leading role in the principle of continuous development with services and practices.
  • We continuously improve our objectives by supporting individual and team works.

We show respect for each other:

  • We seek first to understand before we expect to be understood.
  • We try to add value to the society with our believability, reliability, trustworthiness and good communication skills.
  • We rely on those who support us and become stronger with them.
  • We know the value of each contribution.
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